Love poem

Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


It is love, it is all because of love that i see myself from above. I am walking but my feet don’t touch the ground. There are no footsteps not even a sound.It is love, it is you that i love your heart so pure like that of a dove.It is because of love i don’t care what people say, i just want to be with you all day.

I see you in that far away land and i just wanna fly and clamp your hand. You fill all my hearts desire. You are so hot hotter than fire. It is because of love that you changed my life in a short time. Now am able to write all this rhyme. Your smile gives my heart a glow. I haven’t told anyone this, ony you will know.

It is love that makes me think i can fly spread my wings and kiss the sky.You are my heart, my soul, and my treasure. My today my tomorrow and my forever. You are all i crave, You make me feel brave. In your heart i want to be a slave.You carry me to the blessed lanes and downgrade all my pains.

You are so far, far away like a star but you always give me hope and help me to cope. When i will first look into your eyes each breath will become a thousand sighs.I will feel weak in my knees and i will rise from the ground to the skies and fly through to paradise.It is because of love that i wish to be shown the world that no one has ever seen and that i have never known.

It is all because of love that sometimes i act like a child and sometimes i go wild.I will never know the how’s and the why’s but i lost my heart to Hazel’s eyes. With you i wanna spend all days and hours.I will give you the daisys, roses in fact all flowers. Will take you to our own world where everything will be ours.It is because of love that my imagination go wild and i think like a child.

Sweet illness of Love

Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


Heart skipping a beat, getting goose bumps, suffering from sleepless nights, smiling without reason, singing love songs, writing love poems and constantly thinking about that one person is called the sweet illness of love.Don’t delay to love that one person because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won’t hear you anymore.

Love is a wild bird that no one can tame Its useles to chase it If it won’t play the game.You might get heartbroken and think all men are the same but love is hard & will always be, but remember someone is different and that one is me.

Moments without you in mind are surely rare world without you is so difficult to bare whenever you want someone for you to take care search deep in your heart i will be there until you love me back the love i have i will spare.

I wish i was your blanket, i wish i was your bed, i wish i was your pillow underneath your head, i always wanna see you by my side i wanna be around you,i wanna hold you tight,always be near your sight and be the lucky person you wish goodnight.

Your love is the only water that can quench my heart’s thirst.Your love is the best.It is different from the rest. Everytime we talk you leave wanting nothing but just wanting more of you.Everytime i see my heart bleed i know its you that i need.I always feel sad when you are not there.It is only because i care.

I have written a lot of love poems because i am ill, Love for you is what i feel.I know this feeling is real. May be, I’m too late to be your first, but right
now, i am preparing myself to be your last.My days with you are bright because you are my light.Even if i love you in vain in my heart you will remain.


Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


Left alone in the past
She had all my heart and trust.
I thought i was the best.
Different from the rest
But in this game of love i lost.
Now i have to face this huge blast.
Everything now buried, never meant to last

She walked away from me
Why couldn’t I foresee?
Time standing still
Another way to deal, Another pill,
A good move, Perfect drill.

I have no feelings
I’m as good as dead.
My eyes wet and red.
I thought i will always be glad.
But why is she this bad?

The sky is gray with hate.
It signals pain in my heart.
Love is a bet.
I am a small rat
She is the big cat
One thing tore us apart,
Our love fade but
It was all because of her fate.

When i remember the times we shared, Everything we had,
Everything we did
Everything she said
How well we paired?
I feel so sad.

The consequences are tough
She only knew how to treat me rough
The only person who knows the truth is above.
Maybe she never deserved my love.

Can i ask who is next in line?
Will you break their spine?
Look at what you’ve done.
I see everything now when you are gone.
Next time i will stand, i won’t run.

With my head hug low
I say don’t bother me any more.
I will never love you like i did before
I’m afraid all the pieces i have you will blow.
Coz all you touch, you tore.
Your sweet voice now sounds like a roar.

What she wanted, she took
Now i glance back,
I take one last look
All the promises she made are all in this small book…,

I didn’t know i will regret.
But why did we ever meet.
My heart could have never skipped that beat.
And my face could never have earned that zit.

She didn’t deserve my trust.
I gave her my special heart.
But she allowed it to rust.
She then moved too fast.
And left me alone in her past.
It was surely never meant to last..

I cant believe this, its true
I am alone.
I give up and turn back home.
Who will i give up to? Didn’t realise
I am alone.
I search for love help me Mr Chrome.
I am Alone.
Where is love? I ask those in Rome.
No one to answer coz
I am alone.


Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


I’m always begging my tears to stop but my heart allows them to fall just to reduce the pain. Tears pouring out of my eyes when I remember your fragrance it hurt me so much why did you leave me like this? today you stay so far from me.Still I cannot believe I am standing alone here, without you i am surrounded by fear, because without you i am not whole, and no one else can play your role.

Somtimes i just want to text you or call to say “Hey I Love You So Much And I Miss You So Much” and tell you how is everything without you, but i just cry because i know i have no right to talk to you.One day i heard someone whisper your name, but when i turned around to see who it was i noticed that I was alone.Then i realized it was that we are no longer together.

No matter how hard i try not to cry i still find the tears of love pouring down from my eyes. It hurts to know that we are done,The memories we share are now just tears in my eyes.It’s just pain I feel every time I see your face.I don’t want to see you, but your face keeps flashing in my mind.I feel so sad, like I’m going to die.I hope the heartache will be over soon, so I can move on. They say some broken heart, may never mend,Some memories may never end, Some wet tears may never dry,But the truth is my love for you will never die.

My hearts still ache in sadness, Am trapped in a moment of madness and secret Tears still flow, what It means losing you, no one will ever know.I think i have to move on and let everything go. Tears of Love flowing down, There is a pool of Tears and am about to drown.I say i love you but you frown.I wanted to make you my queen i had bought the crown but you left without saying good bye. Life is not fair, but Why.

I always cry everything i try goes in vain.Everything i gather eroded by the rain.The love i found dies again.

Each drop of a tear is costly than anything in world but, No one knows Its value until they have it in their own eyes for someone… @pies_negros👣 =>3 May 22:52